Pathfinder Core Rulebook Pocket Edition + Dice Set

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Product description

Want to seek adventures on Golarion? This bundle is exactly what you need!

Q WORKSHOP and Paizo Inc. are proud to bring you an all-in-one package to start your adventures!

This bundle consists of the Pathfinder 2nd Edition Dice Set for all your journeys on renewed Golarion, along with the Pathfinder Core Rulebook Pocket Edition! 

Get ready for the world of limitless fantasy adventure! Create a hero of your own design, lead him on to become a legend! This set is destined for your first roll on the path leading to the new heroic journey! The 640 pages of the core book for the latest edition proved its greatness in the whole world of roleplaying games. Dice are made from the best material of a sand beige color with burgundy paint in complexly carved engravings. On the highest faces of dice lays the sigil of Pathfinder Role Playing Game.

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