Dice Macabre Dice Wallet

USD 15.00

Product specification

Weight (kg) 0.04
Material Leather
Primary color Black
Secondary color Gray

Product description

Dice Macabre Dice Wallet

You can’t take your dice bag or a dice cup everywhere with you comfortably. That is why these wallets exist, fellow Necromancer. They’re the means for you to always keep your artifacts handy, close to you, and safely contained, amassing the energies of the Underworld for you to use anytime and anywhere you want. It’s more than capable of storing the Dice Macabre, so you don’t need to restrain yourself, yess...

This Wallet, as the Living call it, is made of real hard leather on the surrounding part, and a soft leather on the sides. It is not only a safe place to keep your artifacts in. It’s also gentle for them, as the sides are made of soft leather sewn to the hard one, so Dice Macabre won’t come to any harm. With the metal thingies at the top, the wallet can be attached to your belt loop. Always within the reach of your hand, fellow Necromancer - you’ll always be prepared for any encounter. You shall be a true spellslinger, the fastest dice-thrower beyond the Underworld, yess!

The outer layer is colored in a Crypt White color theme - skulls are bone-white, while the background is dark gray. The soft leather on the side is colored black. That gives this Wallet an everlasting classic feeling, making the extruded skulls even more detailed and significant.

Always handy

Always with you, wherever you go. Always ready to use, whenever you need them. The Dice Macabre Wallet is like a holster for your greatest weapon - be it a spell ingredient, a blaster, a throwing knife, a pixie dust, a holy relic… whatever your dice will represent for your character, you will have them with you, swinging on your belt. And you know how important it is for your image to shine when it comes to a duel!

Fitting the image — Anyone can see you have the powerful artifacts there. The white skulls extruded on the surface gives it right away.

Loyal and faithful — The Dice Macabre Pouch is made of durable cotton, so it will accompany you for a long time, fellow Necromancer. Longer than your enemies, maybe even longer than your fleshy self…

Interdimensional — The Wallet is capable of storing a full set of 7 dice. The general dimensions are approx. 1,5cm x 6cm x 4cm (0.59" x 2.36” x 1.57”).

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