Dice Macabre Pouch

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Product description

Dice Macabre Pouch

When you gather the mighty artifacts, you need to keep them safe. The Underworld thought of that and acted upon this prediction. For the greater amounts of your dice, there’s this Pouch, where you can keep dozens of carefully crafter tools to challenge the Fate-being. Whether you’ll keep the Dice Macabre artifacts in it, or any other polyhedrons, that’s up to you, fellow Necromancer - but they will be safe and ready to use whatsoever.

This big bag is made of soft yet sturdy cotton, a material highly regarded by the Living as it’s… well, soft and sturdy, yess. We often wondered why, but the Underworld philosophers never could reach any consensus. Be that as it may, it’s nice in touch. And durable enough to withstand the occasional eruption of wrath from its user.

The pouch is covered in a full print of skulls on a black background, which - as you may already know, fellow Necromancer - enables the artifacts inside to amass more Underworld energies while being put to the rest. When someone sees this Pouch, you gain their undermost attention, fellow Necromancer… and they will wonder just how much of the powerful tools you’ve got hidden there, when will you use them, and for what purpose? Let them wonder, and then unleash your power when they least expect it, yess!

The empowering trance

Whenever you put your artifacts inside this mighty Dice Macabre Pouch, they enter the state of mystic trance. While they stay inside, they are slowly imbued with energies of the Underworld, gaining more power with each passing moment. They’re getting ready to be used by you, fellow Necromancer - don’t waste this opportunity to challenge the Fate-being!

Fitting the image — Anyone can see you have the powerful artifacts there. The full print of skulls on the whole surface of this container gives it right away.

Loyal and faithful — The Dice Macabre Pouch is made of durable cotton, so it will accompany you for a long time, fellow Necromancer. Longer than your enemies, maybe even longer than your fleshy self...

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