Q WORKSHOP Branded Fullprint Dice Bag

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QW Branded Dice Bag

No matter which dice you have, nor what you actually play while using them, they still deserve a worthy dice bag! Do what you want with it: let it function as a storage unit, a carrying utility, or a glorified sachel, but in either case, it has to make the best impression possible.
Durable, spacious, safe, aesthetically pleasing… Any dice bag worthy of storing your precious polyhedrons should meet these four qualities. The QW Branded Dice Bag does it like a dream! The 200g cotton and strong linen strings make it secure, its storage capacity reaches up to 3 full sets of dice, and the entire surface has a full-color print!
The print is exceptional: it’s a hexagonal web of portraits and depictions of various characters from a range of RPG settings. Heroes, villains, beings, monsters, even Great Old Ones! There’s something… or someone… befitting any gamer out there!

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