Runic Glacier & pink Dice Set

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Runic Glacier & Pink Dice Set

Runic dice are one of the first ever created by designers in Q WORKSHOP, and we always remember them as our first step to conquering the world with our dice. First Runic Dice were handmade and hand-painted in such meticulous passion that we are still bewondered by their quality and charm.

Runes are always a mystery. These sigils, full of secrets, invariably catch the eye and raise questions about the forgotten lore of the ancients. The runes used to function as letters but were much more than that. Each rune was a sigil of some supernatural power, and to write a rune was to invoke and direct the force for which it stood. Runes were traditionally carved onto stone, wood, bone, metal, or similarly hard surfaces. This explains why we choose them for carvings on the dice. We want to make durable dice imbued with the power of magic. Now you can “write” tales about your adventures with Runic Dice.

A little bit of mysticism…

These dice are marked with the Runic alphabet, which makes them more than regular sets. People have been studying Runic writing for ages. Our designers have consulted the use of the Runic alphabet not only with Nordic runemasters but with the last Dwarven race representatives too. We have made all we could to make nearly all your dice rolls successful!

The Runic Glacier & Pink Dice set is imbued with the frosty force of the rune THURISAZ, which resembles the battle axe. Remember that even the frost giants bleed, and when you hit hard, there will be hot pink color on the skin of the ice. This rune represents the defense against all attacks. This is the most potent rune of protection in the whole runic alphabet. Dice with the THURISAZ rune can defend against all that aggressive and make your hit final.

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