Santa's Dice Trove

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Santa's Dice Trove

One of the most important figures on this Earth is Santa Claus. Everybody knows him. He is the phenomenon who has touched the hearts and souls of many children (and children-at-heart) worldwide.  This bearded figure with the buxom body, dressed in crimson red is notorious for bringing gifts by sliding down firstands the power of mechs and new technology, as we in Q WORKSHOP do. This is a really wonderful gift for all players and GMs that has a chance to lighten the mood and make everybody more friendly, forgiving and team-playing. Maybe the players will be more welcoming to the GMs ideas, and Game Master will be generous with magic items and experience points. Who knows? The Magic of Christmas Time can be more powerful than any other, like this trove… And remember: it’s a one time only set!replace chimneys. He is everything that’s good. A great GM should be the same. The players dream about it but it is not so easy. Therefore, the Q WORKSHOP designed the ultimate set, which is actually more than a set but a whole trove! This set is really unique, because it’s not only limited to 600 pcs, but uniquely numbered too. Yours to unwrap: holiday white dice set of seven snowflakey beauties, but also the matching dice bag with golden jingle too. All enchanted by sigils full of magic. The dice feature symbols engraved and painted in evergreen: Christmas trees, snowflakes, snowmen and all that is connected with winter holidays. The whole trove is wrapped in a beautiful box with picture of Santa.

Ho, ho, ho! Dakka, dakka, dakka!

Ho, ho, ho, Merry Christmas! Dakka, dakka, dakka, let’s begin snow battle with these filthy goblins! If you are a real gamer, the battle fever is something you know very well. Take these dice and jingle your way through winter time! Make yourself a new character in your beloved game and fight with greenskins, but this time in Christmas mood. Don’t spill the blood of goblins. Don’t draw your sword +4, don’t make ready your Death Spells and high-level battle shouts, killing all in sight! Play with them with peaceful snowballs that don’t harm. Find the joy and laughter dashing through the snow.  It’s Christmas time and even typical enemies from Threat Level 1 should be spared. Be forgiving and kind for all that lives. If you need inspiration for goodness, look on the children's faces when they awaken on Christmas morning and find their gifts. This picture will fulfill not only your heart but can do the same for all the people around you. This is the true meaning of Christmas.

Now wishes for you all:

May all your Christmas games be fun, and all your campaigns have long run! Live a dream full of sunbeams and let the dice jingle all the way through your adventure times!  Ho, ho, ho, critical hit!

Holiday greetings from Q WORKSHOP!

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