Sapelli All Dice Box

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Sapelli All Dice Box

Ensure your cherished dice set’s safety and the respectful treatment it deserves! Behold an exclusive product showcasing the artist's sensibility and the craftsman's expertise!

Crafted with unparalleled precision and finished by hand, the Sapelli All Dice Box is a must-have in every dice enthusiast's collection. Its elongated cubic two-part design is not just visually appealing but incredibly functional. The cork lining protects your dice, and the magnetic closure keeps them secure.

The natural color of sapelli wood, a warm and noble dark brown, adds a touch of elegance to this exceptional box. It accentuates the uniqueness of the dice you'll want to store inside.

You'll find the Q WORKSHOP's logo on the bottom, expertly engraved as a symbol of quality and passion. On the lid, there's an inspiring message: "All Dice Tell a Story," serving as a reminder of the countless adventures your dice have been a part of – and will continue to be!

We've crafted this box from sapelli wood from Cameroon. This material is highly prized by craftsmen for its shiny iridescent colors and the hardness of its dense grains, thanks to which it is used in the production of musical instruments such as electric and acoustic guitars. The use of natural wood and the intricacies of hand finishing mean that individual products may vary in color or grain patterns. Each box is truly one of a kind!

A pragmatic piece of art

Stylish Protection — The box safely stores your dice with its magnetic closures and cork lining.

Natural Beauty — Crafted from sapelli wood, it retains its natural dark brown color with dense grain lines.

Inspiration and QualityThe Q WORKSHOP logo is engraved on the bottom of the box, and the lid features the inscription "All Dice Tell A Story."

Masterpiece — The box has a high-quality handcrafted finish. Due to the properties of natural raw material, individual products may differ slightly.

Polish Flair —  The Sapelli All Dice Box is designed and produced by Q WORKSHOP in Poland, EU.

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