Doussie Dog's Dice Box

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Doussie Dog's Dice Box

Just as a dog is a man's best friend, this product is your dice's best friend. Here's a unique blend of aesthetics with practicality, explicitly created to provide something irreplaceable for your collection. It's a friendly wink to all those who love tail-wagging companions! 

Inspired by the love for our furry friends, the box is shaped like a chew bone. You won't find one like it on the typical gamer's shelf – it's an exclusive product, simultaneously practical and avant-garde in its class. Its uniqueness elevates a metaphorical message: every pup loves playing with its chew toy, so the dice stored in such a box must be your absolute favorites! 

The natural color of doussie wood, also known as the royal tree, a warm and bright brown with straight grain patterns, will look truly exotic both on the shelf and on the gaming table.The box's magnetic closure ensures your dice's safety and the cork lining takes care of their presentation. On the bottom of the box, you'll find the distinctive QW logo, a testament to our passion for quality, which we put into our creations. The finishing is done by hand, with attention to the smallest details. 

We've crafted this box from doussie wood from Ghana. This material is highly prized by craftsmen worldwide for its warm hue, straight grain patterns, hardiness, and water resistance. The use of natural wood and the intricacies of hand finishing mean that individual products may vary in color shade and the pattern of the tree rings. Each item is truly one of a kind!

A surprise box for your dice!

Stylish Protection — The box safely stores your dice with its magnetic closures and cork lining.

Natural Beauty — Crafted from doussie wood in a warm, bright brown color with straight grain patterns.

Bark-worthy Shape — The box's shape resembles a chew bone, and the Q WORKSHOP logo is engraved on the bottom.

Masterpiece — The box has a high-quality handcrafted finish.

Polish Flair   Doussie Dog's Dice Box is designed and produced by Q WORKSHOP in Poland, EU.

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