Kanji Wooden Dice Tray

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Product description

Kanji Wooden Dice Tray

Roll with Hope! Our wooden tray ensures your dice always land safely and in extraordinary style. Designed for those who prefer more orderly rolls, preventing dice from falling off the table!

The design of this dice tray brings an exotic touch with a print of a colorful branch of a blooming cherry tree. Pink petals cover the dark brown bark on a white background and soaring on the breeze. In this mild renewal atmosphere, your dice rolls will gain an entirely new dimension! At the bottom of the dice tray, we added the Q WORKSHOP logo, a sign of quality and passion - invariably visible in our products.

The spacious interior and hexagonal shape increase the satisfaction factor of your game sessions. We all love it when the dice take a little spin and roll before revealing the outcome, and the gentle angles of the frame won't stop them prematurely.

We've crafted this dice tray from albizia wood from Ghana. Also known as the silk tree, it is known to “fall asleep” in some variants. Its curious grain pattern creates a mix of bright and dark brown colors. The use of natural wood and the intricacies of hand finishing mean that individual products may vary in color or grain patterns. Each box is truly one of a kind!

Start anew!

Perfect Place — The hexagonal shape and ample interior space in our Cat Dice Tray ensure your rolls have style and fairness. 

Natural Beauty — Crafted from albizia wood in a warm, brown hue, the tray's bottom is protected by wooden veneer. 

KanjiThe graphic inside the tray features a blossoming cherry tree branch with pink petals soaring on the wind with a white background. 

One of a Kind — This tray boasts high-quality hand finishing. Raw materials used in this product can cause details to slightly vary.

Polish FlairKanji Dice Tray is designed and produced in Poland by Q WORKSHOP.

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