Walnut Cat's Dice Box

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Walnut Cat's Dice Box

Here's a truly purrfect way to store and showcase your beloved dice! Our box combines outstanding quality, precision craftsmanship, and a unique design inspired by feline accents.

With all the furry meowsters' lovers in mind, we shaped the box like a cat's head, giving it a unique character. This is further accentuated by its color, a warm natural brown from European walnut wood. Any little kitty would want to hide in such a box, but we crafted it, especially for your dice!

This is an exclusive product, hand-finished with attention to every detail. As a result, it serves as both a practical storage solution and an elegant addition to your collection, beautifully displayed on your shelf. The magnetic closures of the box ensure the safety of your dice. The Q WORKSHOP logo is engraved on the bottom of the box, a testament to its quality and the passion we invest in our creations.

We've crafted this box from European walnut wood from Serbia. This material is highly prized by craftsmen worldwide for its durability and unique luster, which makes it look exceptionally elegant. The use of natural wood and the intricacies of hand finishing mean that individual products may vary in color or grain patterns. Each box is truly one of a kind!

Every Cat Loves a Box!

Stylish ProtectionThe Walnut Cat's Dice Box for RPG dice is not just a practical storage solution but also an elegant addition to your dice collection.

Natural Beauty — Crafted fromEuropean walnut wood, it retains its deep brown color, adding elegance and uniqueness.

Feline Inspiration — The unique cat-head-shaped design gives the box character and highlights your dice collection.

Quality and Passion — The Q WORKSHOP logo engraved on the bottom of the box guarantees quality and the commitment we put into our products.

Handcrafted Finish — Every detail of the box is hand-finished, ensuring a perfect appearance and precision. Raw materials used in this product can cause details to slightly vary.

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