St. Patrick Bundle: Modern Dice Set + Bag

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St. Patrick Bundle: Modern Dice Set & Bag

Do you need luck in your games? Of course, you do! Everyone needs it, no matter how much they believe in their abilities. Luckily for you ;) we have something especially for you, perfectly matching your needs! Behold the St. Patrick Bundle: Modern Dice Set & Bag, a great combination containing absolutely everything you need to make fate smile at you in every game! What will you find in this Bundle?

St. Patrick Modern Dice Set: Lucky Charm
Here are the dice, including the Modern D4, with various symbols designed to attract good fortune! When combined with the vivid green color of hope and the inspirational yellow color, only good things can come out of this mix. You will no longer need any other amulets or small rituals that attract the gracious eye of fortune. These polyhedrons are all you want! Fortunately, you'll already have them in your hands, ready and able to grant unbelievable crits to your rolls!

Lucky Green Dice Bag: Pot of Gold
Now, look at this dice bag. It is vividly green, like spring grass, full of hope and joy. And the print on its front? You can see a Leprechaun in it, a fairy associated with a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. This particular pot is very distinctive. All the gold in it is shaped like polyhedral dice! It is as if you were holding the result of a journey to the end of the rainbow in your hands. Can you imagine a greater stroke of luck? While stored in this bag, your shiny math rocks will gather potential crits and flukes like nowhere else!

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