D4 Modern Dogs Max

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D4 Modern Dogs Max

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    Book of Dice - Elvish Poems is a new way to store and organize your dice. Made of wood and plywood, colored to graphite with carvings of runes and leaves, it’s a chest shaped to resemble a book. Inside you’ll find wooden partition walls, creating 6 separate compartments, each capacious enough to store a set of regular-sized dice.

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    D20 Neuroshima Black & white Die (1)

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    Elvish Dice for 20th anniversary! Presenting the Q WORKSHOP 20 YEARS: Elvish Dice Set, a new color variant for our beloved design. Delicate digits are surrounded by Elvish runes, forming inscriptions along the dice faces. The turquoise paintings on the shimmering-black background infused with glitter dust symbolize two decades of our company's existence.

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    A joyful splashing. Lay your eyes on the DOGS Dice Set: Bubbles! This design shows the human's best friends in various poses on the highest faces. The dog's favorite toys accompany the makeshift-like font of digits. The copper paintings on a transparent background show the dog's admiration for having loads of unrestricted fun in the water, wherever and whenever it is.

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