Gremlins Dice Set

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Product description

Gremlins Dice Set! Grab your munchies for a sentimental journey inspired by a movie from the 80s! Plot twist: one of the dice is different from others! Six of them, shimmering green, depict the mischievous Gremlins; the last one, a shimmering copper D6, shows the fluffy Gizmo (adorable enough to have its own). All share the nude color of engravings and a leaking font of digits. Let's party!

• Q WORKSHOP presents the Gremlins Dice Set for all the 80s dark comedy blockbuster fans!
• This dice set consists of 7 pieces of two variations: D4, D8, D10, D12, D20, and D100 with a Gremlins theme and a D6 with the Gizmo theme.
• The color themes of this set are shimmering green with nude engravings for Gremlin's dice and shimmering copper with nude paintings for Gizmo's dice.
• The design shows various scenes and images referencing The Gremlins movie.
• The Gremlins Dice Set is designed and produced in Poland, EU.

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