Starfinder Devastation Ark Dice Set

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Starfinder Devastation Ark Dice Set

Nevermind all the tough-play, all the menacing outer shell, and nerves from steel. You can be scared, have a soft heart, or be worried - but deep inside, you are a hero. When you receive a signal from an emergency beacon, you act on it. You go where the trouble is brewing and do your absolute best to resolve the situation. This time was no different… until something else entered the picture. Something not mentioned in the debriefing, something you need to solve here and now, right on the spot, having only your wits, bravery, and a knack for investigation. Mostly that’s more than enough. It’s not easy, it’s not by the book, and it’s not pretty. It is as it is.

You know stories like these, and they rarely end up the most predictable way. There comes time for collecting intel, time for making plans, time for weighing all the options, and making a hard decision. And then, it is time to accept the risk, headfirst into the events, and push yourself to the limit to stay alive. That’s where we come in, reaching out to you with a helping hand. We have something you need, and you know it never hurts to have big guns on your side.

We took the best possible material in a color theme of a nebula, as your journey will take you through deep space and beyond. We engraved it with the WorldSeed passcode symbol to help you on this quest to save the Pact Worlds. Take them with you, and may their influence strengthen your resolve!

An ancient threat!

Get your gear, sharpen your wits, and answer the distress call! Many people need your help in this job; their fate depends on your readiness to act smart, swift, and definitely!

Waking the Worldseed — Rescue the scientist, uncover the ancient ruins, and face the mystery of a race long-forgotten!

The Starstone Blockade — Travel to Absalom Station, warn the Pact Worlds of the threat, bring the power back to the reactor and protect the citizens!

Dominion’s End — Don’t give in to brainwashing propaganda. Stand against an evil AI, and decide the fate of Ark Prime’s denizens!

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