Celtic 3D Revised Black & green Dice Set

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Celtic 3D Revised Black & Green Dice Set

Celtic legends have always aroused human curiosity. They believed that all objects and places have their own spirit. So dice and games were not inanimate objects but a home for spirits of entertainment and joy. Lugh, the god of craft, law, and fun, has invented the games for his people. His son, the great hero Cú Chulainn, was champion in all competitions, and good dice throwing was crucial for all the great heroes.

So we designed the dice that Celtic heroes would be proud of. In the design, we referred to the best examples of Celtic craftsmanship, decorating our dice with engraved knots and symbols fully illustrating these people's greatness. These dice are as timeless as the Celtic heritage known worldwide.

Awen and divine dice

Awen is the gift of creative inspiration and the ability to find the right word for each story, given to mankind by the Celtic gods. That's what we wish for all players. Celtic Sets, as we hope, can bring awen. Throw them until you feel their rhythm, and then you will notice how suddenly your story begins to develop, and each test makes the whole thing worthwhile as if from a fili story.

We devoted each color to a different Celtic hero or deity: Black & green dice are the first set dedicated to the most potent enemy of the Celtic gods - the King of Fomorian, Balor. The venomous green paint on the black sides perfectly reflects the piercing colors of the Balor's only eye. Everyone feared this gaze, as the dark king could kill just with one look. May these dice be equally effective in the fight against all enemies.

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