Mythical Hybrid Dice Viking: Asgard

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Product description

Mythical Hybrid Dice Viking: Asgard

The might of Odin in your hand! Discover the dice that seamlessly intertwine Norse mythology with modern technology, combining a metal base with meticulously crafted wooden inserts.

Each dice is engraved to embody the essence of Norse Sagas and showcase symbols associated with the god Odin on the highest face. They are surrounded by ornate frames, enhancing the legibility of digits.

The black inserts with beautiful golden engravings harmonize perfectly with the durable metal base of the dice. This color combination evokes the place that Odin lived in along with other deities of the Norse pantheon: Asgard, the realm of the Æsir.

The Realm of Æsir.

  • A new story — This set consists of 7 dice: D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, D20, and D100.
  • A full Saga — The color theme for this set is black background and golden engravings.
  • Nordic ambiance — The design of the dice features intricate Nordic weaves and patterns surrounding clear digits.
  • The mightiest of Æsir — Symbols associated with Odin adorn the highest faces of the dice, including the All-Father himself, Sleipnir the horse, Geri and Freki the wolves, Odin's horns, Huginn and Muninn the ravens, and the Gungnir spear.
  • Asgard colors — The color theme of the inserts features a black background with golden engravings.
  • Based on facts — The Mythical Hybrid Dice: Asgard is designed and produced by Q WORKSHOP in Poland, EU.
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