The Witcher P&P Core Rulebook + The Witcher Dice Set. Yennefer - Sorceress Supreme

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The Witcher P&P Core Rulebook + The Witcher Dice Set. Yennefer - Sorceress Supreme

It's high time for great adventures on the trails and the wilderness of the Continent! The world of The Witcher awaits, wide open in front of you, and we will gladly help you get to know it. Here's a fantastic bundle: a hardcover copy of The Witcher P&P Core Rulebook in English, plus an amazing The Witcher Dice Set. Yennefer - Sorceress Supreme! Here you will find everything you need to start your journey into the world created by Andrzej Sapkowski's imagination!

Yennefer of Vengerberg is a powerful sorceress whose explosive temperament has shown — on more than one occasion — she is not to be taken lightly. When a gray-blue fire rages in her violet eyes, it is the advent of serious trouble. Yennefer is the only sorceress able to cast a binding spell using only the deft movements of her leg, a feat which has not been replicated by any other magic-user. After the Battle of Sodden Hill, she also became the youngest member of the Council of Wizards.

This is who this special dice set in a starry night and turquoise color theme is dedicated to, carrying a clear font of digits, magic portal engravings, and the Obsidian Star symbol decorating the highest faces. The coin featured in the set also shows this symbol on the reverse, while the obverse is adorned by the side-profile of Yen's beautiful face.

Focus and use your magic!

This special Bundle gives you the hardcover The Witcher P&P Core Rulebook made by R. Talsorian Games and a dedicated The Witcher Dice Set. Yennefer - Sorceress Supreme, created by Q Workshop on a license from CD Projekt Red. This is all you’ll ever need to begin your adventures on the Continent!

  • Arcane Knowledge Grimoire — The handbook includes all the rules and information you need to play the Witcher Pen & Paper Role-Playing Game.
  • Power of Artifacts — The Obsidian Star symbol is shown on the highest faces of dice and the coin's reverse; the obverse of the metal coin displays the profile of Yen's face. The dice material is a starry night, while the engravings are turquoise.
  • A Question of Price — This Bundle offers a much better deal than when sold separately!
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