The Witcher P&P Core Rulebook + The Witcher Dice Set. Geralt - The Monster Slayer

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The Witcher P&P Core Rulebook + The Witcher Dice Set. Geralt - The Monster Slayer

It's high time for great adventures on the trails and the wilderness of the Continent! The world of The Witcher awaits, wide open in front of you, and we will gladly help you get to know it. Here's a fantastic bundle: a hardcover copy of The Witcher P&P Core Rulebook in English, plus an amazing The Witcher Dice Set. Geralt - The Monster Slayer! Here you will find everything you need to start your journey into the world created by Andrzej Sapkowski's imagination!

Geralt of Rivia, an experienced witcher from the Wolf School, trained in the ancient fortress of Kaer Morhen, bore many scars on his body that testified to the risks associated with his profession. The two swords he carried with him were more than tools - sometimes they meant life or death. But that's what being a witcher is all about - standing between ordinary people and the beasts created by the Conjunction of the Spheres. He is a monster slayer and is unlikely to live to see the end of his days in a warm bed.

This is who this special dice set in caramel and silver color theme is dedicated to, with a clear font of digits, engravings presenting witcher signs, and the highest dice faces decorated with the Wolf School symbol. The coin attached to the set also shows this symbol on the reverse, while the obverse is ruled by the side-profile of Geralt’s grizzled face.

Draw your sword and press on!

This special Bundle gives you the hardcover The Witcher P&P Core Rulebook made by R. Talsorian Games and a dedicated The Witcher Dice Set. Geralt - The Monster Slayer, created by Q Workshop on a license from CD Projekt Red. This is all you’ll ever need to begin your adventures on the Continent!

  • Monstrum or a Portrayal of Witchers — The handbook includes all the rules and information you need to play the Witcher Pen & Paper Role-Playing Game.
  • Full Battle Gear — The Wolf School symbol is shown on the highest faces of dice and the coin's reverse; the obverse of the metal coin displays the profile of Geralt's face. The dice material is caramel, while the engravings are silver.
  • A Question of Price — This Bundle offers a much better deal than when sold separately!
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