Dragon Black & adorable Dice Bag

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Product specification

Material Cotton fabric
Height ~11.5 cm / ~4.53 inches
Width ~10.8 cm / ~4.25 inches
Primary color Black
Secondary color Multicolor
Cotton weight ~400 g / m²

Product description

Dragon Black & adorable Dice Bag

Everyone knows dragons. Some are noble and good, others bloodthirsty and greedy… but all are powerful and formidable when faced with threats. The vast majority of people react to dragons with fear, or with cautious respect at the very least, usually not bothering themselves with questions about the nature of these beings.

But dragons are very much alive, they are sentient creatures, with all the virtues and flaws involved: they have true feelings, dreams, joys, sorrows, ambitions, and doubts! Often they have their own offspring, whom they devote a lot of attention to and protect from harm even at the cost of their own lives. Can you really blame them? Baby dragons, also known as wyrmlings, are truly charming creatures, curious about the world and hungry for new experiences, but relatively defenseless and far too trusting. Until they become fully capable of standing up for themselves, they need their parents' care and protection… and they need playmates too!

And now take a look at this Dice Bag. Look at the die in its center, a perfect polyhedron with the familiar dragon design on its faces. You don't see it very clearly, do you? It's obvious that the slim, winged cutie-pie that entangles her attracts a lot more attention. And for good reason - after all, it is absolutely a-dor-a-ble! This baby dragon is so full of life, so mobile and joyful that it takes a lot of patience to catch it for a moment. To visualize it well, we had to get it interested in something shiny and moving slowly - just as if we were entertaining a little kitten. It worked perfectly, however, and thus we can present you with the most charming wyrmling in the world, entwined around one of our dice! And what place suits this picture better than our Dice Bag? When you put your polyhedrons inside, you will give the little ones their first real dragon treasure - and they will fiercely protect them from intruders.

Adorable is the new amazing

This dice bag is a great point to make when trying to change the reputation of dragons - it allows them to be adored by people who prefer a much soft and fluffy atmosphere of the story. After all, the usual motifs like epicness, fighting, darkness, terror, and danger have their limits of usability, right? Durable cotton protects your treasures inside; the image of a wyrmling softens your heart and attracts the eyes of all admirers of cute little creatures.

  • Pocket Size — despite its small size, this bag can hold up to ~42 standard dice.
  • Tough as nails — durable cotton will survive bad weather, abrasions, weights, and dragon fire.
  • Holds hard — strong strings lock the dice inside safely and securely, ensuring nothing will be lost during transport.
  • +200 Charisma — a colorful print of an adorable wyrmling entwined around the die is second to none.
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