Dragons Modern Dice Set: Ruby

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Dragons Modern Dice Set: Ruby

You need a dice set that emanates the true power. That increases your prestige by sitting on your shelf alone and even more during the game. Behold! Mighty dragons entwine immersive numbers, mesmerizing with their ferocious beauty. It's a tribute to these majestic beings, smarter and more powerful than you can imagine. What you see here is a greater form of paying respect: golden engravings on a red background look like huge rubies set in golden jewelry – the biggest temptation for dragons

The Fire Stone

Many dragons are known for their insatiable lust for anything that glitters. And rubies are perhaps the only thing that attracts their attention more than gold. The power of these red gemstones inspires strength and passion, which dragons eagerly use to increase their wealth and guard it jealously. It is well known that when someone creates gold jewelry with embedded rubies, it will surely end up in some dragon's hoard eventually...

  • The dragon’s hoard – This dice set includes 7 items: a D6, a D8, a D10, a D12, a D20, a D100, and a Modern D4.
  • The colorful scales – The dice material is red, and the engravings’ color is golden.
  • The majesty of dragons – Engravings depict the fan-favorite design of a flying dragon circling around digits written in a bold font.
  • Modern-day dragons – Instead of the traditional "pyramid", this set has a D4 of the Modern type, with rounded edges and clear engravings.
  • The dragons’ endorsement – The Dragons Modern Dice Set was created under a license granted to us by the Dragon’s Lairs’ Administrators Association.
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