Dice Macabre Dice Cup

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Dice Macabre Dice Cup

We know you like your beverages, fellow Necromancers. But this one is not meant for drinks… We mean, you can try to use it that way, but we’re pretty sure it won’t work as it should. This leather cup is meant to hold the dice and to rattle them inside, and then roll them, and then lift it up in a toast-way for victory over the crits you rolled! We really think it should be like that each time, yess.

This artifact fits terrifically with other Dice Macabre creations, emphasizing their energy, siphoning and accumulating it to use for your advantage, fellow Necromancer. We strongly recommend you use this cup for both power and prestige!

This cup is made of genuine leather, fully adorned with dozens of extruded skulls, looking like they’re appearing from the cover of the night… it should make such an impression - after all, you’re holding the vessel for incoming Underworld power! It’s sturdy and stylish, as it’s supposed to be, and sewn with durable strings. Skulls are light gray, and the background is dark gray. That is how the darkest night looks like in the eyes of the Underworld inhabitants. We’re accustomed to its nature, as we were all truly born in the darkness. Is that true for you as well?

Cup of the Underworld

When you gather together with your fellow cultists to perform this little ritual of yours - called a “session” if our spies are correct - we understand that each and every one of you brings something to the table… What if you will bring this magnificent Dice Macabre Cup, and proudly place it before you? Think of the prestige you will gain, and of the jealousy you will ignite in the souls of your group!

Fitting the image — Anyone can see you have the powerful artifacts there. The white skulls extruded on the surface give it right away.

Loyal and faithful — The Dice Macabre Cup is made of real leather, sturdy and stylish. The lid and the body are sewn with linen strings.

Interdimensional — The Cup is capable of storing about 20 dice. The general dimensions are approx. 8,5 cm in height and 5,5 cm in diameter. (3.34" x 2.16”).

Mastery of the craft — Each Dice Macabre Cup is purely handmade, which involves slight variety of eventual dimensions and placing of the extrudings.

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