Dwarven Dice Set: Jewels

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Dwarven Dice Set: Jewels

Unearthed from the heart of the mountains, behold the resurgence of an ancestral design, now adorned in the vibrant colors of new clans. Behold the Dwarven Dice, meticulously crafted and bound with the unyielding tenacity and unwavering perseverance that define the very essence of dwarvenkind. A testament to the indomitable spirit of the stout-hearted folk.

Picture a shimmering-red material infused with the sparkle of glitter dust, reminiscent of the treasures unearthed from deep within the earth. Each die tells a tale of the dwarven affinity for the glittering raw richness hidden in the depths, waiting to be polished into magnificent jewels. The golden engravings are not just ornate details; they are reflections of dwarven artistry, adding a touch of regality to every roll. As you hold these dice, envision the dwarven clans gathering, their banners waving in the underground breeze, forging a legacy that transcends time.

In this modern iteration, the Dwarven Dice stand as a testament to the enduring spirit of dwarven craftsmanship. The trusted symbols of dwarven battle axes and intricate geometrical patterns grace these dice, echoing the resilience and resourcefulness embedded in the very essence of the dwarven race. It is one of our oldest designs, to which we owe more than respect: the admiration equal to that of many indomitable fans throughout the years. 

It is high time for the Dwarven Dice to receive the royal treatment and make them shine among our creations with new invigorated force. With each roll, you channel the unwavering determination of dwarves who shaped their destinies with every strike of the pickaxe and swing of the hammer. 

It’s your time to wield them. Make us proud.

All the Colors of Wealth

These dice are forged to be your companions in the pursuit of victory, reserved for those whose strength matches the rugged resolve of the mighty dwarves. As you hold these dice, feel the weight of ancestral strength, the echoes of age-old battles, and the unbroken lineage of a race that thrives in the face of adversity. 

  • Q WORKSHOP has the honor to present the Dwarven Dice, paragons of ancient design long-awaited to return in strength.
  • This set consists of 7 solid pieces: D6, D8, D10, D12, D20, D100, and Modern D4.
  • The dice background is shimmering-red, and the digits are painted to golden color.
  • The design shows dwarven battle axes and geometrical patterns next to aged rune-like digits.
  • The Dwarven Dice Sets are skillfully designed and meticulously manufactured in deep caverns of Poland, EU.
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