Viking Brown & golden Dice Cup

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Viking Brown & golden Dice Cup

Leather was of great importance among the Vikings – many items, such as parts of clothing and weapons, were made of this material. And so it is with this Dice Cup, kept in a brown-colored material and adorned with golden embossings; it looks like treasures hidden in wooden chests, brought home by Vikings after a successful expedition. Your dice will be safe in it, and when you use it to roll your test, the ferocity of a real Viking will mark it with victory!

The Vikings made much of their culture around maritime trade and expeditions to plunder coastal settlements. Boats were of great value, as long voyages to new places wouldn’t be possible without them. The image of such a longboat is on the body of our Dice Cup, which you can see in the picture above.

This adventurous spirit was also seen in the Vikings' faith in the mighty Thor – the god of thunder, storm, and battle. They pleaded with him for a safe journey and to face any danger with bravery in their hearts. One of his symbols was the Mjolnir, a rune-carved war hammer. This symbol adorns the lid of our Dice Cup.

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