Thank you for choosing our virtual dice for Foundry VTT!

To be able to use them during your games, the server administrator should go through the steps below:

1) Dice So Nice! module installation. This module is required for Q WORKSHOP dice to work properly.

2) Q WORKSHOP virtual dice module installation.

3) Launching both modules in the game world.



  • In Foundry VTT main menu choose the Add-on Modules tab and click the Install Modules button.
  • In text box Filter Packages in upper right corner search for Dice So Nice.
  • Install searched module by clicking Install next to its name.


  • In the same menu, fill in the text box Manifest URL with the installation manifest you received by email after buying our module.
  • Click the Install button on the right.


  • After creating and launching the game world in Game Worlds tab, go into settings (gear in the upper right corner).
  • Click Manage Modules.
  • Launch both modules by clicking empty box on the left from the module name. Save changes.

After Launching both modules, server users can use our modules after setting them up from the settings menu.
Click Configure Settings -> Manage Modules -> My Dice Settings. From the drop-down menu Dice Prestes (Faces) choose the dice you want to use.

That's it! Enjoy your game! Wishing you all the highest rolls!