Japanese Leather Dice Cup

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Japanese Leather Dice Cup

The cherry blossom is associated with beauty, delicacy, and renewal in Japanese culture. The sight of trees covered with white and pink flowers can be breathtaking, but the true nature's wonder can be seen in early spring while looking at a lonely cherry tree. Watching individual buds unfold their petals and bring bare branches to life with intense colors is a wonderful experience.

That experience has inspired us to create this Japanese Leather Dice Cup. We made it of natural leather in white color and adorned its lid and body with a colorful print; it shows a brown cherry tree branch as it's beginning to that is starting to come to life with pink flowers!

The Japanese Leather Dice Cup looks excellent combined with the Japanese Dice Sets, completing their oriental theme. It will also work great as a container for storing and rolling other dice - you decide what to put in it!

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