Lucky Green Dice Bag: Pot of Gold

USD 11.00

Product specification

Material Cotton fabric
Height ~11.5 cm / ~4.53 inches
Width ~10.8 cm / ~4.25 inches
Primary color Green
Secondary color Multicolor
Cotton weight ~400 g / m²

Product description

Lucky Green Dice Bag: Pot of Gold

Luck is an interesting phenomenon. Nobody knows exactly what it is, but everybody know it's very useful both in business, and in love, at school, at work, in any kind of search or pursue... But most importantly: in games!

This dice bag was designed to collect the residues of luck from the surroundings. Surely you know the little "rituals" many people undertake before rolling the dice? They collect them in a clenched hand, then shake them passionately for a long time, knock on wood, press them against their heart or forehead, gently blow on them (or even have someone do it instead). It is supposed to gather as much luck as possible. Have you done that sometimes? Now you don't have to anymore, because storing your favorite polyhedrons in this bag works like all those mumbo-jumbos brought together at the same time!

It is a well known fact that green is the color of hope. It is inextricably linked to luck, as sometimes the only thing we can do during the game is to "hope we get lucky"... but the Lucky Green Dice Bag: Pot of Gold will do more – it’ll allow you to be confident that fortune will be on your side!

With just a little luck…

Look at this dice bag. It is vividly green, like spring grass, full of hope and joy. And the print? You can see a Leprechaun in it, a fairy associated with a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. This particular pot is very distinctive. All the gold in it is shaped like polyhedral dice! It is as if you were holding the result of a journey to the end of the rainbow in your hands. Can you imagine a greater stroke of luck? While stored in this bag, your shiny math rocks will gather potential crits and flukes like nowhere else!

  • It shall be seen — The color theme for this dice bag features a bright green background, black closing strings, and a colored print on the front.
  • It’s a piece of cake — The print depicts a Leprechaun bursting with joy over his pot of golden dice. Just like you after a lucky dice roll!
  • It’s gonna hold — This dice bag is made out of 400 g cotton, with durable closing strings made of linen.
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