Terms and Conditions of free delivery

1. Promotion Duration:

1.1 The "Free Delivery" promotion is valid from February 5, 2024, to February 29, 2024.

2. Qualifications for Free Delivery:

2.1 The order must meet the minimum purchase value specified on the storefront banner (homepage) to qualify for free delivery.

2.2 The promotion includes standard delivery.

3. Restrictions:

3.1 The promotion applies exclusively to orders placed on the Q-Workshop website. 3.2 The "Free Delivery" promotion can be combined with other ongoing promotions and discounts.

4. Changes and Cancellation of the Promotion:

4.1 Q-Workshop reserves the right to change or cancel the promotion at any time without prior notice.

5. Final Provisions:

5.1 Promotion terms may be subject to change without prior notice.

5.2 Q-Workshop will resolve any disputes arising from the promotion.