Bring a friend to the table!

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You play RPGs, but your social circle doesn’t get it? Maybe you have a friend you’d like to invite into this wonderful hobby with a flair?
We have exactly what you need! The RPG Starter Kit consists of all the props required to play, and it’s an amazing start for a nice collection! Recommend it to your friends and acquaintances, and get a nice 30% discount in our online store!

How does it work?

  1. You recommend the RPG Starter Kit to your friend.

  2. Your friend puts your email address in the note box while purchasing the RPG Starter Kit.

  3. We send you a personalized voucher for 30% off your next purchase!

Double the fun! Inviting your friends into your hobby is great, but getting a hefty reward for it makes it even more appealing!

So, who do you have in mind?

Rules of promotion:

  1. One person can receive only one voucher.
  2. The voucher will reduce the amount of the whole purchase by 30% (delivery excluded).
  3. The voucher is eligible only on
  4. The voucher will be valid for a single use for 30 days from generating it.
  5. The voucher will be sent through email within 7 days from recommended friend’s purchase.
  6. Once every month, a person who recommended most friends will receive a special reward.
  7. The monthly reward is not exchangeable for other merchandise or cash equivalent.