We know you love dice. We know you love our dice in particular. We know you love to know the genesis of your treasures. We also know that you love surprises, and having something that is not commonly possessed by people in the world. So we’ve decided to buff your insatiable appetite for awesome dice, and provide your collection with a real treat: Q Workshop Collector’s Subscription!


Each month we’ll provide only 50 identical boxes with these dice. No more, no less. It means that whichever dice designs we put there, you will be one of a small group of lucky people in the world that have them as a collector. And they’ll be delivered to your home, no need to dig and search for them. You won’t know what’s in the box until you get it, so the element of surprise is included!


Some of them are handmade, some are prototypes, custom dice, or old projects really hard to get otherwise. Dice desired by our fans as white whales may be found there as well. All kinds of wonders enriching your collection delivered right to your doorstep! You get a box filled with unique dice, which are not in the regular sale! Each die has its own origin story, which you’ll discover as one of only a few people in the world. Every monthly box will contain up to 20 dice and no less than 10.


The price for every box is $100 billed monthly. What you’ll get for this are unique, rare dice with detailed descriptions about their origins, all packed into a stylish, numbered box. Shipping is free!


We ship the Collector’s Subscription boxes on the 1st business day of each month, and we always use a courier service. Simple, fast, and reliable – just remember we can’t deliver to PO Boxes!


Your subscription lasts for one year, with the option of prolonging. You can cancel the subscription anytime you like. But why should you, when you’re a part of the small lucky group? All subscriptions will be handled via PayPal.