D100 Sphere Graphite & Orange

USD 55.00

Product specification

Weight (kg) 0.0017
Material Plastic
Dice quantity 1
Dice color Gray
Painting color Orange
Diameter 4 cm

Product description

D100 Sphere Graphite & Orange

And now, for something completely different, we welcome a perfect shape amidst our creations. It’s round, it fits your hand, the digits are readable, the criticals are distinguished… and it rattles! Give it some warm welcoming roll, guys: the D100 Sphere is here!

Never before we dared to create such an unorthodox shape of a die. It’s an extraordinary design, desired by many of you, which could come to life only recently. That’s why this Sphere is made with love. 

This D100 looks like a ball made from molten metal with orange-engraved iron plates placed on it. And basically the impression is correct - apart from the material itself, which is not metal, the D100 Sphere means to reflect a futuristic orb-like device with numeric plates. And you can treat it in such fashion: after all, it replaces the undisputedly important accessory of many games. 

Let’s go through the “classics vs future” dice battle together. Originally you roll a two 10-faced dice, read the separate digits on often differently aligned faces, and combine them into a coherent number to compare the overall result with possible outcome ranges. It takes time and effort. But when you roll our Sphere, the result is just sitting on top, waiting for you to read it. Half of the processing time is saved! And there’s more - both 1 and 100 are colored white, to distinguish them further.

You like the sound of dice clacking in your hand before the roll? No worries - our D100 Sphere has rattling balls of resin inside, so the sound effect remains, and the die has more balance, so it won’t roll out of the table, but simply stops and gives you the result.

To sum it up, it’s not just another twisted polyhedral pretending to be a D100, but not giving you the slightest idea of how to use it. Our Sphere is readable, with distinguished crits, handy, user-friendly, well crafted with best material, and it looks simply amazing, fitting each post-apocalyptic, space opera, techno-fantasy, and steampunk setting - or fantasy one.

The shape of perfection

Put aside your worn out decahedrons. They get misplaced on your table, fall off to be lost under the furniture, force you to twist your neck to read them… now you have a perfect tool for your percentile tests!

The future is now — the design is futuristic yet crude, giving out a sense of man-made metalwork.

What you see is what you get — highly readable orange digits won’t let you get confused.

When you crit, you hit — the lowest and highest faces are colored white for supreme recognition.

Rattle the battle — thanks to small balls inside the Sphere you know it rolled well, and the result is fair.

Sleight of hand — with 4cm in diameter the Sphere hides in your palm, yet remains noticeable on the table.

Do it well or not at all — the innovatory design stands out among our creations and challenges all other imitations of perfection.

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