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Flying Dragon Magenta & gold Leather Dice Cup [unusual]

USD 24.00

Available Colors

Product specification

Weight (kg) 0.06
Material Leather
Height 8.5 cm (3.34")
Primary color Fuksjowy
Secondary color Golden
Diameter 5.5 cm (2.16")

Product description

Flying Dragon Magenta & gold Leather Dice Cup


This unusual cup has been hand-crafted from the thick shed hide of a very unique magenta dragon. This magnificent monster is shown in flight on one side of the cup and on the lid. All these depictions are not simply painted, but embossed with gold that lasts years. The creature’s natural ability to warm the hearts and feelings is carried to the item, so all enchanters are sure to find many uses for it. Just bear in mind that using the cup may attract some unwanted attention from a sad dragon, trying to cheer himself up in a merry play…

That should be no problem because we have made many dice sets suited for dragon-wooing or calming the mood of any great wyrm. We’ll just humbly mention our Dragons Bottle green & gold Dice Set. It looks like the best match for this model of Dragon Cup, but you are free to  find your own lovely combination, charming all kinds of reptilians.

The Dice Cup you receive might vary slightly in dimensions, colors and leather thickness due to the nature of the product being 100% handmade from real leather.

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