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Seafarer's Royal Blue & gold Dice Cup [unusual]

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Royal Blue Seafarer's Dice Cup 


The journey theme has had a very significant role in games since the dawn of the RPGs. It’s easy to see why. The road goes forth and all voyages — both in wild and calm lands, dangerous and beautiful locations — are made up of mystery. Ocean  sailing is the best example.

This unusual Royal Blue cup is one of maritime memorabilia that can be used to make all dreams about great adventure come true. Handcrafted from the thick, durable real leather, the cup is adorned with compass on the lid and map of the world on the sides. All these depictions are not simply painted, but embossed with gold that lasts years. This is a remarkable game tool for all seafarers, old sea dogs and captains of all vessels that want to reach for example “California. For there’s plenty of gold, so I've been told. On the banks of Sacramento!”.

Each cup and lid is hand crafted with great patience and loving skill. The separate parts are sewn together with durable string in matching color. Our Dice Cup is specifically designed to keep your dice safe in any circumstances. It has been tested with three full sets of dice and all of them fit perfectly!

The Dice Cup you receive might vary slightly in print, dimensions, colors and leather thickness due to the nature of the product being 100% handmade from real leather.

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