Pathfinder Return of the Runelords Dice Set

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Pathfinder Adventure Path: Return of the Runelords Dice Set

Think about one of the finest RPG campaigns ever. Did you smile and try to remember the most satisfactory moments and lucky dice rolls? The best that can be done to feel the same is to play the sequel - better and more thrilling. In the newest Pathfinder Adventure Path: Return of the Runelords from Paizo Inc., all six other ancient Runelords will return and change Golarion forever.

We at Q WORKSHOP have enjoyed designing and making a set for this new campaign. The first set for Rise of the Runelords was one of our bestsellers. The new dice are made from the best cream-colored material, as the old parchment that can be the chronicle of heroes' brave deeds. The complex engravings are painted in brown to create the vintage old ink look that only the latest technology can give. Try them and return to the game for the future of the Pathfinder universe.

How to return successfully?

Why are our dice the best for the sequel of Rise of the Runelords?

  • Secrets of Roderic's Cove – all big things should start small, but with magic, fire, and sword, because it's only the beginning of the end of known Golarion. You need lucky dice for many fights. Believe me.
  • It Came from Hollow Mountain – deep down underground in notorious Hollow Mountain, there will be only heroes and the set of dice that should support them in time of need.
  • Runeplague – there will be a time when only one roll of the die can save the team from grave danger, or else they become monstrous minions of the Polymorph Plague.
  • Temple of the Peacock Spirit – sometimes, you need to be aware that there are secrets on Golarion that only bravery and good fortune in dice rolls can uncover.
  • The City Outside of Time – only wise choices and a bit of luck during a test can help you find the key to saving a storied nation from the wrath of a runelord!
  • Rise of New Thassilon - strange mysteries and dangers await in the depths of time itself because Big Bad Runelord is Time Master himself.
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