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Metal & blue Tech Dice Set (7)



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Metal Tech Dice Set (7)

Starfleet officers and specialists may have had great experiences using use the great, but still plastic dice from the Tech line. To give them a wider variety of choice. Q WORKSHOP created metal sets in two colors black and blue, both especially for experienced RPGS veterans (Rocket Patrol of Galactic Services, etc.). Dice are made of excellent tin and decorated not only with engravings on the surface, but also with carvings on the edges and corners. These dice were inspired by best stylistics projects of the Star Service. They fit every Fleet representative. The star pirates will also appreciate them. We tested them in the space suit gloves and they can easily be used in any conditions, even on the furthest reaches of the galaxy. They are delivered in a tasteful box, great for gifts and tokens of good will for all known and unknown cosmic races. We guarantee that it is the best product on the market that no alien will crack and chew. During the tests, several cosmic creatures tried to steal them, considering them to be the most valuable earthly object they saw. Our dice make an impression in all situations.

From the memories of lost Dr. Jenny Fair – xenoarcheologist, explorer of the Venusian ruins

One of the most fascinating artifacts I found in the ruins of the Koopman’s crater was a dusty box with metal blue dice made of pure tin. Probably left behind by some forgotten alien gambler or one of these crazy navigators, who are more likely to throw dice than know where they are flying. No self-respecting xenoarcheologist would leave such beautiful objects behind. (...) There is some power in them, because blue fillings of carvings seem to spark with energy. You want to play them in anything. (...) I scanned them and sold the blueprints to one of the corporations on Earth. You have to somehow finance the excavations. I only changed the color to black so that nobody has as beautiful dice as me. (...) This is a real set for the scientist, found in the crater of the name of Hevelius wife, at the moment when the Stars over Venus were in order, first time in a millennium. This can not be coincidental.

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