Orange Leather Dice Wallet - Unusual UNW002

USD 15.00

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Product description

We bring you a fresh breeze to the dice wallets color scheme. We’ve left the soft center skin in classic black, but made the outer rim in leathery orange, so the wallet looks both traditional and professionally neat. 

Of course, we kept what’s best in these wallets. Each bag is hand made of real smooth leather: thick around for safety, and soft on the sides for a premium feel. This dice container also comes with a drawstring with a solid metal clip to keep your valuable items secure and a carabiner to hang it on a belt for instance

These wallets have Q WORKSHOP name on it - proof of quality and the best design. That means the best creators of “dice-couture” have made the next “must-have” if you want to be a stylish gamer. Do you want to be posh? It’s the best choice!

Particular units of this product may vary slightly in dimensions, weight, colors, leather thickness and other features, due to the nature of the product being handmade from natural leather.

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