Starfinder Dead Suns Dice Set (7)



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Starfinder Dead Suns Dice Set

RPG Dice Set designed and manufactured by Q WORKSHOP, crafted for Paizo's Starfinder first Adventure Path - Dead Suns. The set contains seven polyhedral dice, engraved with beautiful sci-fi pattern, bringing to mind distant galaxies, constellations, nebulae and cosmic dust. Blue dice, made with high quality plastic, covered with orange paintings, will instantly catch the eye of all players around the table. Ready for the galactic adventure in the vast space? Roll those quaint dice and claim your destiny!

Dead Suns Adventure Path

Dead Suns is the first Adventure Path released for Starfinder Roleplaying Game, featuring six episodes, with the storyline keeping players in supsense during whole time of gameplay. Each chapter contains new challenges to face and mysteries to solve. Dead Suns is full of action and engaging plot. Feeling brave enough to take part in those quests? Move to the fantastic world of Starfinder. Grab your dice set and start playing!

Starfinder Dead Suns episodes list:

  • Incident at Absalom Station
  • Temple of the Twelve
  • Splintered Worlds
  • The Ruined Clouds
  • The Thirteenth Gate
  • Empire of Bones

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