Changeling 20th AE 10D10 Dice (10)


Onyx Path

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Onyx Path: Deluxe Changeling 20th Dice Set

It's high time to break with the opinion that dice are just cubes. This is not just a useful handout in games, needed to simulate the mechanism of probability and the statistical distribution of chances of success with the planned activities. Dice can be cute, nice, decorative, evoking the lust for possession, masterfully designed, made with the best material, outstanding and generally extraordinary. They can be just cool and make it supercalifragilisticexpialidocious to throw them. Our ten dice for the Changeling: The Dreaming 20th Anniversary Edition from Onyx Path have all these features. These are classically black, beautifully decorated with “stained-glass-like” engravings, painted with golden paint, readable as never before in any editions of dice dedicated to the World of Darkness. The digits on them are in a beautiful, stylized font. Everything to honor the wonderful and colorful game, and at the same time to disprove the statement that the Dark World is bleak. On the twentieth anniversary of one of the coolest and most phantasmagoric games in RPG history, we could not create anything else. These are the dice from Arcadia and we are proud of them.

The Glamour of our dice

Whenever we create dice, we clearly define their basic feature and try to match them to a dedicated RPG system. Of course, our dice are universal and can be used in any game, but even on the example of the Onyx Path: Deluxe Changeling 20th Dice Set, you can clearly see what we mean. These are very attractive dice, which are not burdened with any geas or restrictions due to the trades with the Fair Folk, but created for them and all fairies fans. They have an amazing Glamour. For this, you will not find Banality in them and you will never get bored of them. During the testing, it turned out that even the Sluggs and the Red Caps cannot resist the smile, and the mood of the carnival from the land of fairies, elves, pooks and satyrs. Check it out and surrender to the charm. Let yourself be carried away by a great game and throw our dice. Just don’t drink and don’t eat too much from the tables of the Ladies and Gentlemen who are just waiting to show you the charms of Arcadia. Our dice support the immersion, so it is much easier to play the Changeling RPG when you are looking for an escape from the harsh reality.

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