Skull Face Mask

USD 6.15

Available Colors

Product specification

Material Cotton fabric
Height 14 cm
Width 28 cm
Primary color Multicolor
Cotton weight 2 x 140 g
Pocket for filter Yes
FIlter included No
Medical certificate No

Product description

Skull Face Mask

Safety first. Style… first as well! We all know that desperate times call for desperate measures. Well, maybe not *that* desperate, but unusual nonetheless. We need to wear safety masks for our own good and prosperity - after all, we all want to stay healthy and make it to the times when we’ll sit around the table with our friends to get the dice roll again! Q WORKSHOP proudly presents a new way of owning the quarantine like a boss: Full Printed Safety Masks.

Have you ever tried to put your dice bag on your face? We did, and it simply doesn’t fit… but we went another mile - we made a safety masks with the very same awesome full print as our best-selling dice bags. The material is two layers of soft cotton (140p). It’s washable, and you can insert a filter into the attached socket (filter is not included). The mask is handmade, created and packed while keeping all recommended health standards of the process. This way you can be both safe and stylish at the same time!

The Q WORKSHOP Skull Face Mask is not only safe and comfortable, but also dignified - the full print of humanoid skulls on a black background looks both terrifying and amazing, as if you were a hardcore gamer with a high frag count, who doesn’t bow to any danger while wearing this gear.

Safety and Style

We all want both, and we want them now. Of course, some of us may find the risk refreshing, but we need to see a big picture: better safe than sorry, better stylish than... you know.

Like a hand to the glove — Well, more like a mask to the face, but you get the point!

Safe and secure — Covers what should be hidden, and does it well!

Fear no wind — Thanks to attached rubber bands, your mask will stay where it belongs!

Style is a second name — Black never gets old, and fits everyone!

Touchy feely — Soft cotton leaves your skin fresh and pretty!

Like a Boss — It makes you look like a real badass!

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