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Product specification

Weight (kg) 0.08
Material Plastic
Dice quantity 7
Dice color Sandy
Painting color Black

Help us rebuild burned lands in Australia. Preorder one of 300 limited sets of dice with pictures of different Australian endangered animals, paired with suited dice bag with “kangaroo road sign”. The whole amount will be donated to One Tree Planted to finance planting the new groves. Every one dollar will be changed into one tree. Let’s plant the whole new forest together!




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Product description

Australian Wildlife Dice Set 

Help us rebuild one of the unique places on Earth — Australia. Together with One Tree Planted we’re launching a preorder for Australian Wildlife Dice Set — 100% of the profit will be donated to regrow forests burned in recent catastrophic wildfires in Australia.

Remember! Each 1 USD = 1 planted tree!

Our seven yellow dice are adorned with pictures of different Australian endangered animals on the highest faces. To make it even more special, this set will be delivered to you in a suited, beautiful yellow dice bag with the most iconic “kangaroo road sign” on it! As you can notice, this set is available at 3 different prices: 15 USD, 25 USD and 40 USD. The set is the same, but it’s up to you how many trees you’d like to plant with us! But remember, there will be only 300 sets made — not a single die more.

Play games, unravel all mysteries of many fantastic worlds and lend a helping hand for real problems. The fires will pass, but the ashes remain. Back the Mother Nature on Antipodes! We have to act quickly so the preorder starts now and you’ll receive your set with special certificate till the end of Q2. Every dollar will be changed into a tree. This is the Way of Really Noble Gamers! Let’s plant the whole new forest together! How many new saplings can we fund?

Spot the Animal!

The whole set is made with pictures of endangered species that are unique for Australia:

On all faces of d4 you will find the cassowary, armed with great talons. This is the most endangered bird in the whole continent.

On d6, on the highest face, you find the head of a koala, a sweet and calm animal that needs your help.

On d8 you can spot little penguin, one of the last real penguins on Antipodes that maybe is small, but really important for the whole ecosystem.

On d10 there is the beaked head of glossy black cockatoo, a rare bird of darkness, very posh with its noble black feathers.

On d00 there is another real symbol of Australia — the platypus. There are only a few of those left, so we must help them rebuild their home.

On d12 there is Leadbeater's possum. This is a critically endangered possum that can fly and brings joy to all that spot this small wonder.

On the highest face of d20 there is the real beast from fantasy bestiary — the bridled nail-tail wallaby. This kangaroo with a real talon on the end of its tail is fantastic and nearly-extinct too.

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