Nuke Black & yellow Dice Bag [unusual]

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Dice Bag [unusual]

Everyone seems to think that a dice bag is just a purse. A bag with a string that allows the dice not to fly loose in a backpack. However, this ordinary object is the basic cover of your beloved sets. It's a cloth armor for all these happy polyhedral dice that help players defeat the dragon, cast a fireball, captivate the evil troll, lull the manticore and resurrect the skeletons' legion to get medieval on their “rear parts”. Such a dice bag must be durable, nice and suitable for the character's characteristics.

Q WORKSHOP has embraced new technology and we have a unusual product with a durable print made of a perfect cotton fabric that will last for years. The cord has been made from a synthetic spider web (we respect the arachnophobia of some gamers and we do not want to torment the endangered species of large spiders, like children of the Shelob). We made these bags having in mind your dice, which we respect as our own. You know that dice are our passion.

Nuke Black & yellow Dice Bag [unusual]

Nuclear Dice Bag is a unusual product that survived only in a few copies. They are hand made from high quality, noble, black cotton, which is a technological marvel after the apocalypse. The front of the bag is adorned with a mark, affects everything you put inside: Attention, Radioactivity! So be careful what you hold here because only for Q WORKSHOP dice we guarantee that they will not become toxic. Remember that we wish you well, but after the end of the world, nothing is certain.

This dice bag is an excellent supplement to our all Dice Sets. This is a very safe bag because two strings hold firmly all that you put inside.

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