Cthulhu Green Dice Chest

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Cthulhu Green Dice Chest

Q WORKSHOP proudly presents Cthulhu Green Dice Chest. Beware of the Old One himself in his majestic and blasphemous glory! Some of Q WORKSHOP’s friends - completely illegal therapists and deeply hidden cultists - helped us design a wooden dice box that lets gamers immerse in the doomed reality of the game or gives some hope to those who pray for Cthulhu’s defeat. This box is a real secret Mythos handout, because it features everything you need for your horror games on the cover: metal tentacles, mouths of madness and seal of the Old Ones that you have never seen. Another time in our history you can see the sigil forged by sacrilegious corrupted goldsmiths of Unspeakable Power himself in his majestic and blasphemous glory.
Are you familiar with every one of those secret boxes from horror movies, which are the gates to Hell, Lands of Pain or any other places of despair? Our Chest represents all their combined glory. You have been warned! The dimensions of our dice container are also a proof that insane geometry can be used in game accessories. It’s not sane, we know, but we are proud of it!

Blasphemous Handcrafted Box!

This is real wooden (not plywood!) handcrafted box, covered with metal reliefs of tentacles and mouths of madness with beautiful graphite paint. On the center of the box there is a metal relief of the Elder Sign attached, precisely cut by unspeakable forces.
The whole container has been made from the best templates revealed to us by the cultist's leaders, and according to the unspeakably evil knowledge found in blasphemous books and on wooden, planks covered with runes from a hidden library of our best Polish sorcerer Mister Twardowsky.
It comes with a hidden foam insert that holds 7 dice in place, keeping them still wherever you go. Your dice are safe because of elegant magnetic lock hidden in the edge of the box.

The chest is primarily dedicated to our Metal Call of Cthulhu Dice Set but suits all valuable dice sets. The Dice Chest you receive might vary slightly in shade of colors due to the nature of the product being 100% handmade from real wood.

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