Delivery costs:

$6.90 - Standard International Post Shipping

$9.00 - $23.00 - Expedited shipping, the price depends on the country of delivery

The buyer bears the risk and any additional costs of the delivery (such as taxes and customs).

Methods of payment

Electronic Payments & Credit Card Payments

Electronic and pay-card payments via the PayPal.com or Skrill.com are processed by a secure transaction server provided by http://www.paypal.com and http://www.skrill.com

PayPal accepts credit cards, bank transfers, debit cards and more. Skrill accepts credic cards, debit cards and direct payments from Skrill account.

Payment term

The Customer is obliged to issue the payment within 10 Working Days from the Sales Agreement conclusion date.

More information about the delivery costs, delivery methods and methods of payment is availabe in TERMS AND CONDITIONS.

For further information or assistance write to: shop@q-workshop.com