St. Patrick Discount There are 3 products.

St. Patrick Discount There are 3 products.

There are 3 products.
  • BUN-STP22 Q Workshop

    Your luck is in your hands! Behold a special St Patrick’s Bundle: Dice Set & Bag. It contains seven green dice with various yellow symbols that attract good luck (such as a horseshoe or four-leaf clover), and a durable green pouch with a colorful print of a leprechaun with a pot of golden dice. This bundle is ready to use and will bring you nothing but critical success!

  • BSTP183 Q Workshop

    Store them inside for good luck! Q WORKSHOP presents the Lucky Dice Bag: Pot of Gold. This durable, colorful pouch can easily store up to ~42 dice to accumulate good luck for your next rolls. The vivid green material attracts the eye, and the print shows a great joy of the Leprechaun, displayed over his pot of golden dice – it’s only a foretaste of luck that it’ll bring you!

    USD 11.00
  • RSTP2F Q Workshop

    What a fluke! Q WORKSHOP proudly presents the St. Patrick Modern Dice Set: Lucky Charm. Seven green polyhedrons with yellow engravings (including Modern D4) show different symbols on each of them: a four-leaf clover, a pot of gold, a pipe, a hat, a horseshoe, a mug, and a shamrock! All this to bring you as much luck as possible during your dice rolls!